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Why Does Everyone Want Something For Nothing?

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Downline builderHave you looked at any of the Facebook groups people have setup for people to advertise their businesses. You see people asking about doing anything as long as it doesn’t cost anything to join, they don’t have to sell anything, and they don’t have to recruit anyone. Hello isn’t that what a job is?

But if you want to give them free training on how to actually make money online they don’t want that I guess because that would take a little work. And then you have the people that respond to your ad for more info but if it involves anything but you handing them money they can’t seem to follow through just to get the information.

And then you have all these people that are advertising these so called programs where you can join for free and do nothing and earn money. Well most of the time you only earn money if you get others to sign up and as long as you keep signing people up you will keep making money. The only people that make money with that is the one who started it. 

There are so many scam programs out there that if you are advertising something on up and up people won’t even ask about it. It really makes it hard on people who are really trying to help people to find the people to talk to. And if you make a claim that you can make good money by spending only $7 then you have to be a scammer.

You know if these people would put as much energy into taking some training on things that could help them create a passive income then they could be making money instead of just trying to get something for nothing. But then again that would take some work and if they can’t make money right away then they don’t want to be bothered.

Traffic Tsunami has a system that changes your way of thinking. It’s about learning the wealth principles and using money to make more money instead of most network marketing companies that have you trading time for money which is not much better than having a job. If you want to have freedom then you have to change you way of thinking.







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