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What is Wealth?

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WealthSome people think wealth is expensive cars, big houses, their own jet and maybe even horses. That’s the top 1% of the people the ones that have it made. Others will say it’s what ever you want it to be. But most of the time it’s a talk about money.

What wealth really is about is time and money. It’s not really money and it’s not really time it’s more like freedom where you don’t have to go to a job and trade your time for money. So how does one get wealthy, it’s by changing your mindset and by doing that you are going to redefine what wealth is.

So to define how wealthy you are you going to find out how long you could maintain your lifestyle if you quit working. Could you live for a year, a month, a week. or a day. How long you could live would determine how wealthy you are. And if you are like most people that time is probably pretty short. So how do you change that time, by creating a passive income. You do that by taking your cash on hand and putting it into passive income streams by deploying that money in income producing assets.  

One such way would be to buy an income producing property as long as you are making more from the property than you are putting into it. But a better choice would be an online network marketing company. It’s less money to start and you can get in for anything from $10 up to $800 or so.

In Traffic Tsunami you have a wealth portfolio where you will put these and when people join under you they will also join those there by building passive income. By joining multiple companies you will have a diverse portfolio of income streams and people below you can join as they are able. By doing this you are building an income without having to do all the work it takes to build a network marketing business on it’s own.

If you every tried building a network marketing business then you know building one is just like another job, you must spend a lot of time to build it and keep it going. They tell you to go out and sell, sell, sell, and then they want you to train others to do the same so that when you burn out they have someone to replace you so they keep making money.

So where Traffic Tsunami is different is you need to get 10 people and then you stop advertising. You then spend your time helping those people get three people as the third person passes up to you and then you have another person to help. The network marketing industry is set up for you to fail unless you know a couple of key things. That’s why only 3% of the people make it in network marketing make it.

That’s why you have to have you money leveraged over several income opportunities but most network marketing companies tell you that you can only promote their company and if you get caught then you are out of that company. But by only promoting Traffic Tsunami you will have multiple companies without them knowing.

By using Traffic Tsunami you will be able to build a passive income stream and be free from depending on trading time for money and have the wealth and freedom to so what you want. If you would like to learn more about Traffic Tsunami and how you can get started leave me a reply below. I look forward to working with you.


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