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Using JV Giveaway to Build a List

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List buildingThis month I decided to use a JV Giveaway event to build my list. This was brought to my attention by a member of CLB after talking to him about how he was building his list and getting signups in CLB.

This is the first time I have used a JV Giveaway to build a list. It has been an interesting experience so far. If you don’t know what a JV Giveaway is it is where a bunch of people called contributors get together and give away free products to build their email list. If you signup as a free contributor you only get to give one product away to build your list so it’s better to pay to upgrade where you get like six giveaway items. And you get text ads also to promote different programs. You also get paid from an One Time Offer if you upgrade when someone purchases it from your signup.

Also you can sponsor or co-sponsor one of these events which means you get all the people’s email addresses that signup as contributors and signup as members. When you signup as a contributor you have to agree to promote the giveaway and the more members you signup the higher on the list your giveaway products are so they get seen first. On some giveaways if you don’t promote the event then your products are set back to free and don’t really get shown.

The contributor signups has completed with over 150 people signing up so that’s not that bad. These people you’re not supposed to send email to till after the event has passed just so they know that you are there to promote the event not just get email addresses to promote stuff to. We are three days into the event and so far about 160 people have signed up as members to get free stuff. We’ll see how it goes from here.

So is a JV Giveaway a good way to build your list? It’s too early to tell yet. It seems like a lot of the contributors were from another country so we’ll see how that works out. It might take a little more to build a relationship with these people as they are signing up to get free stuff. I’ll try to follow up with another post to tell you how things have worked out.

If you have any thoughts about JV Giveaways why not share with us in the comments. I would like to know how you’ve done with these good or bad.

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