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5 Traffic Worthy Tests

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Host and ProfitThis past Saturday I attended a great webinar put on by Janet and Don Legere the owners of Contact List Builder. This is a webinar that is put on by them every Saturday morning at 12:00 PM EST. Don always has some great words of wisdom about how you can change the way things look by changing the way you look at things. Then Janet will do some training on different things that will help you build your business or sometimes they have a special guest which was the case the past Saturday. That guest was Matthew Graves who is the owner of several traffic exchanges and safelists.

Matthew talked about the two things you must have to build your list and thereby build your business. He said you have to have Traffic and Conversions. Of these two things he said that conversions were the most important to have because if you have conversions it is easy to get more traffic even if you must purchase it. He then went on to explain the 5 traffic worthy tests that your sales page or lead capture page must pass.

1. Is your website or lead capture page the same as many others that are being promoted by everyone else?

If you are promoting the same pages that are provided by your program as are most of the other people then people will stop paying attention to them and even when they do look at them it can be any one of the other people’s pages. You need to create a new page or at least do something to the page that will make it stand out from all the rest. You should have your picture on the page as you are always wanting to brand yourself and get yourself known. You can use a splash page builder such as adKreator to make splash and squeeze pages. You can go to and create a blog and build your pages on there. Or better yet you can host your own wordpress blog and host all your pages. At Contact List Builder we teach you how to do all this.

2. Does your page grab the viewers attention?

What you must do is to interrupt the person from what they are doing, such as if they are surfing traffic exchanges or clicking to earn credits for safelists you must do something that grabs their attention. You must put the benefit first on the page, in other words how what you have to offer is going to benefit them. You must do something that will draw the viewers attention from what they were doing. It could be a video or some picture that is going to grab their attention. But your page should be simple also not a lot of clutter to distract them.

3. Interest test.

Does your page communicate the one thing which is most likely to create interest? You want to create your page so it will appeal to your “ideal” customer. For this you have to know your customer. You must get into your customers head and join in the conversation that is already going on in that person’s head. You have to figure out what is the problem that they have and that they want to get rid of. Or some kind of results that your customer wants and how you can help them achieve them. You have to point out the benefits you can provide them and how you can help them with what they are wanting.

4. Does your page have a clear call to action?

All your processes should lead to a clear call to action. If you want them to subscribe to you list you should tell them to fill out the form and click the subscribe button. You can use video to tell them what you want them to do. You can use arrows to point to what you want them to do or have a big button for them to click but you must tell them what you want them to do.

5. Do you have a tracking system?

You must know what’s going on with your page, how many people have visited the page and how many people have filled out the form or clicked the button. You need to know how your traffic is getting there and what they are doing after they get there. Are they leaving the page without signing up? Then you need to change your page. If you’re not tracking you traffic and conversions then your are just wasting your time. One good tracking system is it’s very easy to use and it doesn’t cost that much.

There you have the 5 traffic worthy tests that you should do to all your lead capture pages and sales pages. Please share you comments or questions below. And while you’re here why not signup for my mailing list to get updates to this blog.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ad Tracker

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Trck.meI attended another great webinar this morning put on by Janet and Don Legere. Don talked about Hawkeye and how when you change the way you look at things, then the way things look will start to change. If you want something you have to think like you already have it and then it will come to you.

Janet did training on ad tracking. Now I’ve been tracking my ads but after this morning’s training I found there was so much more I could of been doing and found out how to set up rotators which I thought were missing from this tracking site. I found out I just didn’t know how to set them up. Sure glad I attended this webinar.

Now the tracker Janet and I use it It’s not the only tracker out there but it’s one of the better ones I think anyway.

I’m going to take you through the setting up of a tracking link and point out some things that I learned this morning and hopefully it will help you if you are having problems.

Once you login you will want to click the links link in the left menu. On the right of that page you will see thisAdd Tracker  Here you want to click on Add Tracker.

That will bring up this

track link

 Above you want to click on I want to track hits to a link

Which brings up the below page

Name tracker

  Here is where you will give a name to your tracker and add the link that you want to track.
Now the part that I had been missing was the Add Another URL at the bottom right side. This is where you click if you want to create rotators where you can compare how two or more different URL’s are converting.

When you click next you will see this

Edit more settingHere you will see your tracking link but you want to click the Edit Advanced Setting

After clicking that link on the next page you will  see this

custom text

Here you can put in custom text to make the tracker unique and look more interesting.
A tracker would draw more attention with a word instead of a number.

Farther down the page you will see this

clicks or summissionsHere depending on which type of page it is determines what you would check. If it’s just a splash page such as on a TE then you would check the Track Clicks but if it’s a LCP you would Track From Submissions.

Once you have those things done you click the save changes button and then back to stats and your tracking url is ready to use. You can use it where ever you want to track your links which should be just about every where you have ads. A good idea is to have different tracking links for the different kinds of advertising you are doing such as safelists, Traffic Exchanges, where ever you post an ad.

If you’re looking for a good program to help you learn how to grow your online business or get one started then you should really think about joining Contact List Builder. It’s run by Janet and Don Legere who are two of the best people when it comes to helping people with an online business. So come join us and you too can be on your way to great success.

You Must Use a List to Get Things Done.

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build you listOn this mornings webinar with Janet and Don Legere the main topic was using a list to get things done and keep you on track to obtain your goals. You do have goals don’t you? How do you know where you are going if you don’t have certain goals. It’s like taking a trip without a road map. You can’t start out on any journey without some sort of plan on how you’re going to get there.

In this instance we are going to talk about building your list for an online business. You would set a goal to be making a certain amount of money per month in a set amount of time. Then you set down and figure out just what you need to get to that goal. Maybe you need a certain amount of people in your main business to reach that goal. After you know that you then know how many people you would need to get per month to reach that goal.

So you start with a master list where you will list everything you would need to do to reach that goal. They could be things such as

  • Start your own blog
  • Join traffic exchanges
  • Join safelists
  • Get an autoresponder
  • Join Facebook
  • Join Twitter

And anything else you would need to do you help you build a list of people so you could get the people you need in your main business.

After you have your master list then you would need to have a daily list where you would have the steps you need to do to get to the main goal. So you set smaller goals every thirty days which is how many people you need to get on your list to get the number of people into your program. This daily list is very important as it keeps you on track and working toward your goal.

On the daily list you are going to put down small things you need to do to get you to the larger goal. Things such as

  • Sign up for a safelist
  • Setup a profile in that safelist
  • Setup web hosting
  • Do a  blog post
  • Sent to safelists
  • Surf traffic exchanges

So you list the things that you need to do to keep you going in the right direction. And if you don’t get everything done on your list for that day you carry it over to the next day. But if you find you are carrying over too many things you should stop and maybe cut down you list size or if your carrying over the same thing everyday then you should stop and look at that item to see if it’s something that really needs to be done and if it’s that important then you should do that then next day as the very first thing you do.

I know there are some things that we just don’t like to do and it’s very easy to put those off. But one thing I’ve found is that is I do that thing first and get it out of the way then I feel a  sense of accomplishment and the rest of the day isn’t such a drag.

So in summary here’s what needs to be done to help you reach that goal. First make a master list which lists all the major things that need to be done to have an online business and build a list. And then on a daily basis you need to sit down and figure out what little things need to be done to move that plan forward. You should make the list as the last thing you do before you quit for the day. That way the next day when you start out you know what needs to be done and you can check off each item as it’s done which will make you feel good and you can see what you have accomplished that day. OK off to check off Post to my Blog on my daily list.