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Firewalking My Experience.

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firewalkOn the webinar Saturday with Janet and Don Legere from Contact List Builder Janet was talking about a positive mental attitude and mentioned that she wanted to do a firewalk one day. Well I did a firewalk a while back so thought I would write about my experience.

This happened as I said some years back when I belonged to this online company which has since gone out of business, now that’s another story. In this company you could buy something like shares in the company that then you were to earn from those shares. The person that owned this company decided to put on this program for all the people that had purchased shares as a kind of learning experience and to get the ball rolling on getting the company going.

It was going to be a big event with the firewalk and then he had Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, and several other speakers. It was going to be a big event that was out in California. And with so many shares, the event including your hotel was paid for, and all you had to do was get there. It was back when it didn’t cost so much to fly and so I decided to go.

The first event was on a Friday afternoon and then that evening was going to be the firewalk. Well I didn’t plan to do the firewalk but wanted to go along just to see what would happen. We all loaded up on buses and were taken to a baseball field where there were several baseball fields all at one place. There were a couple of games going on but there were at least two that were dark. As we all walked to this one area that had a bunch of chairs setup. We walked past one of the dark fields which had a big bonfire going in the middle of it. The bonfire was about 10 feet around and 10 feet tall and you could feel the heat just walking by it.

We all were seated in this one area and Gary, the guy putting on the event, came out and started talking about what was going to happen next. On one of the other dark fields they had put up about 5 pits where the firewalk was going to take place. They were about 4 feet wide and 20 to 25 feet long. He went over how things were going to happen and kept telling us how we just had to concentrate on getting across the pit and if you really believed then all would be fine. Well I already knew that I wasn’t going to do that so I was just wishing we could get started and get this over with.

They handed out consent forms which everyone had to sign even if you weren’t planning on doing the firewalk. We all turned in the forms and it was time to go over to the field where they had built the pits. Just a little side note I have always been night blind in other words if there isn’t some form of lighting then I can’t see a thing. I also have limited field vision and do use a white cane to travel. Well we’re on the dark field and I can’t see much of anything but can make out the people and I can see that when they bring over these wheelbarrows of embers from that big bonfire they are glowing red hot.

They start putting them in the pits and I can see the glowing embers and then the fun begins. All these crazy people start walking across the pits shouting YES YES YES and some of them even go back across. Well the more I stood there and watched and seen some of the people that I thought would never do that come up and do it, the more I thought heck if these people can do this then why can’t I do it also.

I was  standing on the back side of the pits where everyone came after they had walked across the pit. Then I said to myself why should I be one of the only ones that didn’t walk and so I started to work my way around to the other side where you started across the pit. Well not being able to see that well it took me a while to make it over there and by the time I had made it people were heading back to the buses and most everyone was getting ready to go back. Most people were gone by this time and I did manage to find one of the girls that was helping do the walk and told her I was thinking about doing the firewalk but looked like it was too late as most of the other helpers were gone also.

I was thinking to myself at least I wanted to do this but now it was too late so I was kind of relieved. She said hang on and she would see if she could get some of the others to come back and help. I’m thinking well maybe I had been saved when I hear several of them coming back. Then I think to myself well at least the embers have died down a lot so it shouldn’t be that bad. So they come back and I start taking off my shoes and socks and rolling up my pant legs. I then hear the scoop in the wheelbarrow and look out and see these glowing embers being placed on the pit and they’re still glowing. So much for the cool embers part.

So I standing at the beginning of the pit and they’re telling me I can do this and to just concentrate on the other end of the pit and someone standing there who I can barely see. And then a person on each side of me takes hold of my arms and ask if I’m ready and I had to say yes and off we go me saying YES YES YES and just looking at the other end of the pit. And then it was all over everyone was coming up and hugging me and telling me what a good job. I felt really good about doing the firewalk and not burning my feet.

I was the last one to get on the bus and they all asked if I had done the firewalk and when I said yes they all applauded. That made me feel good. The rest of the weekend was great being able to listen to all those great speakers. And I had done the firewalk even though I had not planned on doing it.

Are You Making This Big Mistake in Your Business?

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100dollars_11In the webinar this morning with Janet and Don Legere from Contact List Builder Janet was telling us how we don’t have to have a web site to start an online business.

If you were like me when I first started out I thought the first thing one had to do was build a web site either to promote an affiliate product or get a product of my own. Well that isn’t the case.

As Janet says you need to join a program such as CLB and then using the programs in the back office you set up a Lead Capture Page and then you begin to send all your traffic to those pages which are tied to your autoresponder which you use to build your list.

Then as time permits you get a web site, hopefully one with your name as the url, and then you begin to post on the things that you find important and which will be of interest to others.

In everything that you do you want to be branding yourself. How does one do that you ask? By including your picture and name on your LCP and using your name in everything you do online. You can setup accounts on all the different social media pages and make it so when you make a comment on someone’s blog it has your picture and your name.

You’re probably wondering how you are going to make any money if you don’t have a product to sell. That’s where Contact List Builder comes in again. You see if you upgrade in CLB then you can earn a commission from the people that you signup and also upgrade. Also the programs in the downline builder also pay a commission and when the people that signup under you in CLB signup and upgrade in those programs you also earn a commission.

Another thing about CLB is that you can promote your primary business. Now mine happens to be Sisel but your can promote any business you want. And if they don’t have a primary business then once these people get to know you they will join your primary business.

So if you’ve been trying to get a business started online and you too thought you had to build a web site to get started then I hope you will take a look at Contact List Builder It’s the one program that I have joined where they don’t just give you a line to get you to join their business. This is one company that has your best interests in mind. Janet is there to help anyone that wants and needs help with building a list. And Janet has been doing this for 14 years so you know she has to know what she’s doing.

If you have any questions find me on skype at jerrydposey and let’s talk about how we can help you build an online business.