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RP And A.D.D.

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Downline builderFor anyone that doesn’t know I have RP, Retinitis Pigmentoas, an eye condition that has taken just about all of my peripheral vision so that I only see about 3 degrees field of vision where normal is 180 degrees. I tell people that I will see a pencil across the room and trip over an elephant walking over to pick it up.

My wife has ADD which we know makes a person kind of like someone watching TV and someone else having the remote and keeps changing the channels all the time. It’s very interesting living with a person with ADD to say the least.

My wife was gone for a week this past month because her mother passed away. I couldn’t go because I had just had a stroke and they were still trying to get my coumadin levels straighten out so I stayed home and took care of the dog which was a fun time as the dog is totally attached to my wife.

I made it through the week and now my wife is back and after being on my own for a week I’ve noticed something that being around my wife all the time I’d forgot about. When I’m here by myself when I put something away in the frig when I go back to get it again it’s in the same place where I put it. Now it’s back to having to look for stuff again or call my wife to help me find it. I know it’s not much but it does get on one’s nerves especially when the wife has gone shopping and you can’t find the scissors that are supposed to be in the knife rack on the counter.

But then it’s not really much better when she is home because most of the time she can’t remember where she had them and has to go searching for them. At least the stuff in the frig is somewhere in the frig so she can find it unless she had an ADD moment and put it in the freezer, oh yes that has happened.

And it’s all so fun when something such as the toenail clippers are missing from the cabinet in the bathroom and she can’t remember where she used them and a search turns up nothing. Oh well I didn’t want to trim my toenails anyway. But eventually we’ll find whatever it was that was lost, but sometimes it’s right after we purchased another one, so then we have a spare.

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