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How to Get the Most Out of Your Ad Tracker

3 Comments on How to Get the Most Out of Your Ad Tracker

Trck.meI attended another great webinar this morning put on by Janet and Don Legere. Don talked about Hawkeye and how when you change the way you look at things, then the way things look will start to change. If you want something you have to think like you already have it and then it will come to you.

Janet did training on ad tracking. Now I’ve been tracking my ads but after this morning’s training I found there was so much more I could of been doing and found out how to set up rotators which I thought were missing from this tracking site. I found out I just didn’t know how to set them up. Sure glad I attended this webinar.

Now the tracker Janet and I use it It’s not the only tracker out there but it’s one of the better ones I think anyway.

I’m going to take you through the setting up of a tracking link and point out some things that I learned this morning and hopefully it will help you if you are having problems.

Once you login you will want to click the links link in the left menu. On the right of that page you will see thisAdd Tracker  Here you want to click on Add Tracker.

That will bring up this

track link

 Above you want to click on I want to track hits to a link

Which brings up the below page

Name tracker

  Here is where you will give a name to your tracker and add the link that you want to track.
Now the part that I had been missing was the Add Another URL at the bottom right side. This is where you click if you want to create rotators where you can compare how two or more different URL’s are converting.

When you click next you will see this

Edit more settingHere you will see your tracking link but you want to click the Edit Advanced Setting

After clicking that link on the next page you will  see this

custom text

Here you can put in custom text to make the tracker unique and look more interesting.
A tracker would draw more attention with a word instead of a number.

Farther down the page you will see this

clicks or summissionsHere depending on which type of page it is determines what you would check. If it’s just a splash page such as on a TE then you would check the Track Clicks but if it’s a LCP you would Track From Submissions.

Once you have those things done you click the save changes button and then back to stats and your tracking url is ready to use. You can use it where ever you want to track your links which should be just about every where you have ads. A good idea is to have different tracking links for the different kinds of advertising you are doing such as safelists, Traffic Exchanges, where ever you post an ad.

If you’re looking for a good program to help you learn how to grow your online business or get one started then you should really think about joining Contact List Builder. It’s run by Janet and Don Legere who are two of the best people when it comes to helping people with an online business. So come join us and you too can be on your way to great success.


Great post, Jerry! I was on the webinar also and found it a great learning experience. I did not have anything but Affiliate Toolbox as a tracker. Now I have joined and I’m looking forward to setting it up and using it. Your post and setup review will be very helpful to me. Thanks!

Rock’n Randy May

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