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Creating Your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook fan pageSo you are going to create a Facebook fan page to promote your business or some cause or anything you are interested in where you can interact with other people of a like mind. It doesn’t really have to be about your business it could be something you really like such as muscle cars.

You will find the create a page link by clicking the little down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page or in the menu from a fan page. When the create a page opens you will find six different categories in which you can create a page. Each has a different set of selections depending on which you choose. 

The first category is local business or place. This would be for a local brick and mortar business which has a physical location. There are lots of different categories under this main category but unless your business is local this isn’t for you.

The next category is company, organization, or institution  This could be a school, government organization, or church just to name a few. So anything related to one of these would create a page under this category.

The next category is brand or product. One of the choices in the sub-category is website so if you just wanted to promote your website then this a the category you would want to use. I think most pages use this category.

The next category is artist, band, or public figure. This is pretty straight forward in what would go in this category. So unless you are an artist, band, or public figure then this isn’t for you.

Next is entertainment which covers many things such as tv channels, movie, concert, and so on. This covers a lot of things related to entertaining people. You could start a page in here if you had a favorite tv show and you wanted to connect with others that like that same show to be able to talk about the show. How is this going to help with you business you ask. Well it’s all about making connections. When you make a connection then you can talk about most anything and you can always tell them how you are making money with your business or asking them to purchase something from you.

The last category is cause or community. This would be for non-profits and other causes you want to get involved in. If you have some local cause then this would be a good place to create a page to promote that.

So once you know which category you want you click and fill out the needed information. If you need help with building a Facebook fan page you can go to my fan page and sign up for the Free Wealth Boot Camp where you will find videos for setting up your fan page.



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