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RP And A.D.D.

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Downline builderFor anyone that doesn’t know I have RP, Retinitis Pigmentoas, an eye condition that has taken just about all of my peripheral vision so that I only see about 3 degrees field of vision where normal is 180 degrees. I tell people that I will see a pencil across the room and trip over an elephant walking over to pick it up.

My wife has ADD which we know makes a person kind of like someone watching TV and someone else having the remote and keeps changing the channels all the time. It’s very interesting living with a person with ADD to say the least.Continue reading RP And A.D.D.

Organize Your Time by Making a List.

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Organize your time by making a listYou sit down at your computer to get things done and the next thing you know it’s the middle of the afternoon and you haven’t got anything done. You had good intentions when you started out to get some things done to help you along with your business but you can’t remember what all you had to do or what has taken up so much of your time.

That happens to a lot of people they start out by reading their email and following up on things that need to be done from those emails. Maybe you went to Facebook to do some followup and then you got sidetracked by following something one of your friends posted which lead to something another friend posted or those great photos someone posted from their vacation. And the next thing you know it’s two or three hours later and you still haven’t followed up with the original person.  Continue reading Organize Your Time by Making a List.

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Why Does Everyone Want Something For Nothing?

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Downline builderHave you looked at any of the Facebook groups people have setup for people to advertise their businesses. You see people asking about doing anything as long as it doesn’t cost anything to join, they don’t have to sell anything, and they don’t have to recruit anyone. Hello isn’t that what a job is?

But if you want to give them free training on how to actually make money online they don’t want that I guess because that would take a little work. And then you have the people that respond to your ad for more info but if it involves anything but you handing them money they can’t seem to follow through just to get the information.

And then you have all these people that are advertising these so called programs where you can join for free and do nothing and earn money. Well most of the time you only earn money if you get others to sign up and as long as you keep signing people up you will keep making money. The only people that make money with that is the one who started it.  Continue reading Why Does Everyone Want Something For Nothing?

What is Wealth?

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WealthSome people think wealth is expensive cars, big houses, their own jet and maybe even horses. That’s the top 1% of the people the ones that have it made. Others will say it’s what ever you want it to be. But most of the time it’s a talk about money.

What wealth really is about is time and money. It’s not really money and it’s not really time it’s more like freedom where you don’t have to go to a job and trade your time for money. So how does one get wealthy, it’s by changing your mindset and by doing that you are going to redefine what wealth is.

So to define how wealthy you are you going to find out how long you could maintain your lifestyle if you quit working. Could you live for a year, a month, a week. or a day. How long you could live would determine how wealthy you are. And if you are like most people that time is probably pretty short. So how do you change that time, by creating a passive income. You do that by taking your cash on hand and putting it into passive income streams by deploying that money in income producing assets.   Continue reading What is Wealth?

Creating Your Facebook Fan Page

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Facebook fan pageSo you are going to create a Facebook fan page to promote your business or some cause or anything you are interested in where you can interact with other people of a like mind. It doesn’t really have to be about your business it could be something you really like such as muscle cars.

You will find the create a page link by clicking the little down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page or in the menu from a fan page. When the create a page opens you will find six different categories in which you can create a page. Each has a different set of selections depending on which you choose.  Continue reading Creating Your Facebook Fan Page