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About Me

I was raised on a farm near a small town in south central Kansas. The town is known for having a tornado in 1955 that killed 85 people and more or less wiped out the whole town. I was in 4-H and FFA as was most of the kids in town.

Everything was about normal with my life until about 1970 when I was having some problems with my eye sight so I went to an eye doctor who told me I had Retintis Pigmentosa (RP) and that’s about all he said about the subject so I didn’t think much about it at the time. A while later I was seeing my doctor and I asked him if he knew anything about RP and he just sort of gave me a blank stare and booked me to see another eye doctor who, after having about every doctor in the office look at me, told me I did have RP and was told that I was going blind and that I was already legally blind.

So I was told I needed to contact blind services and see what they could do for me. After taking tests and so one it was decided that I should learn computer programming as that was one job a blind person could do. I was in training to be a manager for Woolworth’s at the time and when I told them about my eye condition I was informed that I could no longer work for them, but I could continue to work for them until I got my training done. Boy if they had said that now days I would of got a good amount of money, but that was then and this is now.

I did finally get a job as a programmer which I did until we decided to move to Colorado and buy a laundromat which we ran until the economy dropped and we had to give it up. I then tried to find a job and even got and AA degree in electronics but when I tried to get a job no one would hire me. I did go on SSDI so I had some income. I did get a job with the DOC in Boulder working part time because they would pay me enough to replace my SSDI income because I didn’t have a college degree. That is where I learned about the internet that was just coming about.

So I’ve been on the internet since there was on internet and Netscape. I’ve made some money and lost some money but didn’t really do anything to set me apart form the crowd.