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my safelist organizerI’m giving away a free program on here that is named My Safelist Organizer. Be sure to get your free copy.

If you’re like me you have a great number of safelists and until I made this program I had a hard time keeping track of all of them. I know I could of used a spreadsheet but that doesn’t really let me list them like I want.

With my program you can keep track of your safelist by the day of the week that you send to them or you can keep track of them any way you want. You have the place for the name, link, username, password, category, and then you can keep notes also. In the link you can either keep the login link or as I like to do keep the affiliate link. That way when  I am filling out downline builders I can open the program and just go through and get my affiliate link to enter.

I actually have a couple of the programs and in one I keep track of all my affiliate links such as Traffic Exchanges, Safelist, Ad Trackers, and all other tools I use which have affiliate links. All of them are there in one place.

So if you haven’t got a copy of my program yet then just fill out the form below and get started keeping track of all your links.

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    • I checked it and it worked for me so I entered your information and submitted it so you should get an email to verify your email address. Let me know if you have more problems.

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