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my safelist organizerI’m giving away a free program on here that is named My Safelist Organizer. Be sure to get your free copy.

If you’re like me you have a great number of safelists and until I made this program I had a hard time keeping track of all of them. I know I could of used a spreadsheet but that doesn’t really let me list them like I want.

With my program you can keep track of your safelist by the day of the week that you send to them or you can keep track of them any way you want. You have the place for the name, link, username, password, category, and then you can keep notes also. In the link you can either keep the login link or as I like to do keep the affiliate link. That way when  I am filling out downline builders I can open the program and just go through and get my affiliate link to enter.

I actually have a couple of the programs and in one I keep track of all my affiliate links such as Traffic Exchanges, Safelist, Ad Trackers, and all other tools I use which have affiliate links. All of them are there in one place.

So if you haven’t got a copy of my program yet then just fill out the form below and get started keeping track of all your links.

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15 Responses to My Safelist Organizer

    • I checked it and it worked for me so I entered your information and submitted it so you should get an email to verify your email address. Let me know if you have more problems.

  1. Hi Jerry,

    My Laptop has died due to a power surge from electrical poles being renewed in our street.Had surge protector but well you guess it….a dead Laptop and only 3 years old.

    Jerry you were good enough to send me your safelist organiser two years ago. My ID was specialpmk and I used the password as password. Would you be able to restore my old organiser so I can get on with my Ad Campaign.I have also joined many of your sites but cannot get the passwords due to the RoboForm I was using will not let me in so I will revert back to writing ID and passwords down as I have been ripped off by Roboform with my 5 year membership and they will not assist me at all.

    Best regards,
    Phil Kellaway

    • All information is kept on your local hard drive. That’s why it’s good to have a backup on an external hard drive or on one of the online backup storage places. I have sent you another copy of the program.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    I had signed up for your safelist organizer about two years ago…I just want to say thank you.

    I use it continuously and it saves me so much time.

    I am amazed that no-one had thought of it before. If you have any more innovative time-saving ideas or products please let me in on it.

    Warmest regards,

  3. HI Jerry,

    I wanted to share your organizer with some of my online referrals. One of them tried but he could not load it.

    I sent him a link I got two years ago. It may be the subscribe button also.

    • Some how the subscribe form wasn’t working. I have a new autoresponder so I think the forms should be working now.

  4. Actually I tried to get it using another email just to make sure that my friend was right. When I hit the button “get safelist organizer” the following pop-up box showed up with this message “the page at says: We are sorry the subscription form was setup incorrectly. Not found company. Please contact site holder regarding the issue.”

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